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One of the critical challenges of a survey based-methodology relates to the intricacies of designing the schema of questions to be used. There are several key parameters to address with regard to survey design, such as biased questions, ambiguous questions, double clause questions, the length of the paid surveys at home review, and whether or not the survey can produce all information necessary to meet the research objectives. Drafting the correct questions for the survey constitutes the most difficult task in the process. The major pitfall to avoid in framing the survey is introducing a biased question; which is more difficult to discern than it might initially appear because the bias can very often be subtle.


There are techniques to avoid bias in questionnaire formulation, one of which is avoiding leading questions based on a false premise, like a question: "How strongly do you agree that the best place for women is in the kitchen." After having avoided any obvious leading questions, some other tests can be introduced as follows: ask whether a person could reasonably disagree with the premise of the question asked; if a respondent cannot reasonably disagree with the question, or raise a test for assumed or implicit knowledge within a question, which may be conveniently done in a technical piece of work. If there is a terminology requiring an advanced degree of knowledge to understand its context, then the question needs to be reworded to avoid misunderstanding.


It is also necessary to avoid asking two questions in one, where there are two clauses in the question, as that will skew the results. In finding most of some of the accurate results from a survey, the aspect of money has to come in consideration because some questionnaire might be containing confidential information that a person cannot reveal with a lot of ease. In these instances, cash for surveys have always worked because money can make convince a person to participate in a survey either thinking that he or she will be working for free.


Paid surveys constitutes one of the things that earns people money in the recent past because it if from the survey that people always generate the data use in a study. Besides, the allocation of the finances meant for survey always appears in each proposal be it from an organization or individuals. Studies that showed that these paid surveys gives result to more accurate results compared to unpaid surveys. Paying people who go out in then field to collected information require some sense of motivation because of the hectic and risk duty they carry out while collecting the information in  the field.